“I open my house to guests, and bring food from my farm direct to you. ” – Anan Sorsutham


With his distinctive flair, fashion designer and chef  Anan Sorsutham creates genuine Thai dishes, as if you were a guest in his home in Thailand.

Using the freshest of local ingredients, supplemented by imported herbs and spices, the subtle and authentic blend of flavours is an unexpected but exciting experience to find in the Fez Medina.

Maison Moi Anan is located in a traditional Fez house, which is tastefully decorated. On the ground floor is the boutique, where Anan’s latest fashion designs are on display. Upstairs offers a range of dining options from an elegant dining room, to a plant festooned terrace, to two intimate rooms that can be shared by up to six guests.



Give us a call on 06 52 49 73 91 or 05 35 63 57 13 between 10 am-10pm (11 am and 10pm on weekends). We look forward to seeing you.

Your feedback is important to us and we would appreciate you sharing your experience.
Please email: maisonmoianan@gmail.com


Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays) 19:00 to 23:00.


Payment by cash and credit cards, in Moroccan dirhams. Please note: we can only hold tables for 30 minutes after the specified time. Please call if you are late.

Porter Service

Our porter service is available from hotels within 15 minutes’ walk of the restaurant, or from the nearest gate – Ain Azliten or Bab Boujloud.



Anan Sorsutham first visited Fez in 2013, as one of the designers taking part in Fez Fashion Day. When he returned the following year, “I made dinner for a group of friends, and they said to me, ‘why don’t you open a restaurant’? So I thought, ‘why not?’ My two passions are fashion designing and cooking.”

The designer found a small house off the Ta’laa K’bira, and set to work. “It took about a year and a half to renovate it,” he says.

On the ground floor is an up-market boutique, where Anan’s original designs are on display – beautiful Thai silks and other luxurious fabrics that have been crafted into exquisitely tailored garments.

The main eating area is on the two floors above: there is an elegant dining room, two intimate rooms for up to six guests, and a large terrace, with a collection of exotic plants, which is a wonderful place to eat on warm evenings. The interior is entirely painted in neutral grey; a colour that is easy on the eye and provides a stylish backdrop to the experience.

“I don’t cook as if I am in a restaurant,” he says. “My idea is that I open my house to guests.”

Anan grew up in Thailand’s north-east, in Korat Province, where his family are rice farmers – a photograph of their farm adorns the main dining room. “My parents were often working, and so my sister and I had to learn to cook for ourselves when we were young. We had a big choice of vegetables and herbs available in the garden, so we picked what we loved to eat.

“In Thailand the food is very fresh and the flavours are very versatile. There is an amazing variety because the climate is tropical. Thai people really care about cooking healthy food, and all the ingredients have some kind of benefit. You have to eat food immediately after it is cooked, when the perfume of the herbs is still in the dish.”

Anan imports several key ingredients, such as galangal and dried mushrooms from Thailand, and grows herbs such as Thai basil on a farm outside Fez, which become the basis of his taste sensations. “Every family grows their own herbs, and the way the subtle way they blend the flavours is their signature.”



Anan Sorsutham began fashion design professionally in Bangkok in year 2008, and since then his exquisitely tailored garments have appeared on catwalks and in international boutiques in Paris, Bangkok, Switzerland, New York, Japan and Morocco.

Anan’s design combines Thai tradition with Western style. His fashion label, Moi Anan, is well known for its air of ‘Sabai’, Thai traditional stole worn on shoulder but also a Thai concept meaning ‘to be relaxed and happy’. His beautifully tailored garments are made from silk and other luxury fabrics, and include pieces inspired by the jong kraben, a type of wrapped skirt or sarong which has been worn by Thais for centuries.

His garments reflect the full spectrum of Thai tradition, from the most intricate and sophisticated through to the humblest clothes worn by working people – inspired by his own upbringing in the Thai countryside.

Moi Anan designs work well across a diverse range of situations, from high-powered corporate environments, to relaxed occasions and cocktail parties.
Anan’s immersion in the Fez medina where he opened a boutique and a Thai restaurant Maison Moi Anan, is also a source of inspiration for his new fashion work.





30 Zkak El Ma,


Medina 3000


Tel: 06 52 49 73 91 / 05 35 63 57 13