In the Chief’s “Carte”


Yum Pla Sardine – 80 Dirhams

Sardin salad, black mushrooms, chili and onion

Kai Pat phrik – 120 Dirhams

Green beans, chicken and chili paste

Som Tam – 60 Dirhams

Papaya salad, green beans and tomato

Som Tam – 90 Dirhams

Papaya salad, shrimps, green beans and tomato

Tom Zap beef – 140 Dirhams

Beef in clear soup with herbs

Laap Pla Salmon – 140 Dirhams

Fresh salmon, onion, coriander, chili, lemon

Tom Yum Ruam Mit – 150 Dirhams

Soup, chicken, shrimp, tomato, coriander, thai herbs, coconut milk

Laap Kai – 110 Dirhams

Chicken salad, chicken, liver, thai herbs, onion, coriander, chili, lemon

Tom Kha Gai – 140 Dirhams

Chicken coconut soup


Green curry chicken – 140 Dirhams

Green curry chicken, coconut milk, zucchini, chili paste

Bamboo shoot curry – 140 Dirhams

Bamboo shoot, chicken with red curry and coconut milk

Tom Yum Kung – 250 Dirhams –

Soup, “gambas” prawns, tomato, coriander, thai herbs, coconut milk

Pat Preaw Wan – 100 Dirhams

Chicken pineapple cucumber tomato

Kai Pat Med Mamuang – 120 Dirhams

Chicken, onion, cashew nut

Pad Ped Krung – 150 Dirhams

Shrimps and aubergines in red curry

Pad Pak – 60 Dirhams

Mixed fried vegetables with oyster sauce

Panang Kai – 140 Dirhams

Chicken with red curry and coconut milk

Pad Ped nue – 120 Dirhams

Fried beef, vegetable and chili

Yum Voonsen – 120 Dirhams

Glass noodle, chicken, shrimp, tomato and mushroom

Gang Kua Sapparod – 140 Dirhams

Pineapple curry with duck

Gai pad ped – 100 Dirhams

Minced chicken with chili, garlic, spring oinions, basil, house-made fish sauce and oyster sauce

Pad Thai – 140 Dirhams

Rice noodles, prawns, peanuts, cabbage and lemon, house-made special pad thai sauce
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