“I open my house to guests, and bring food from my farm direct to you”

After a long experience in fashion and multiple travels around the world, Anan Sorsutham stops since 2014 in Fez, a city which he fell in love, to offer through the Maison Moi Anan a “Thai touch” in Morocco. The concept of Maison Moi Anan is to offer to fashion and food lovers, the finest aspects of Thai culture.

The designer found a small house off the Ta’laa K’bira, and set to work, “it took about a year and a half to renovate it”, and this House is unique in its kind, a magical and exotic stage in the medina of Fez, another spiritual stage among good taste and flavors.

On the whole restaurant, beautiful Thai silks and other luxurious fabrics have been crafted into exquisitely tailored garments. The interior is entirely painted in neutral grey, a colour that is easy on the eye and provides a stylish backdrop to the experience.

The main eating area is on the two floors above : there is an elegant dining room, two intimate rooms for up to six guests, and a large terrace, with a collection of exotic plants, which is a wonderful place to eat on warm evenings.

“I don’t cook as if I am in a restaurant”, explains Anan, “my idea is that I open my house to guests”. So he did.

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