Prior to Maison Moi Anan, Moi Anan was created originally as a fashion line designed by Anan Sorsutham.


Anan Sorsutham began fashion design professionally in Bangkok in year 2008. Ever since, it appeared on catwalks and in international boutiques in Paris, Bangkok, Switzerland, New York, Japan and Morocco.


His garments reflect the full spectrum of Thai tradition, from the most intricate and sophisticated through to the humblest clothes worn by working people – inspired by his own upbringing in the Thai countryside.


Moi Anan designs work well across a diverse range of situations, from high-powered corporate environments, to relaxed occasions and cocktail parties.

Anan’s immersion in the Fez medina where he opened a boutique and a Thai restaurant Maison Moi Anan, is also a source of inspiration for his new fashion work.