Anan Sorsutham has long experience in fashion and his multiple travels around the world have allowed him to convey his Thai culture on several continents. He created a dozen collections, some of which were shown particularly during Paris fashion week 2011 and 2012, Fès fashion days 2013-2015, Japan regular shop in Koganecho Yokohama, Switzerland Lausanne and Montreux and New York Debut shop.

Anan stops since 2014 in Fez, a city which he fell in love, to offer through the Maison Moi Anan a "Thai touch" in Morocco. The concept of Maison Moi Anan is to offer to fashion and food lovers, the finest aspects of Thai culture. The dishes offered are "home made", composed with the finest ingredients coming from the fresh markets in the Medina of Fez as well as spices and herbs come from Thailand or Anan’s private garden.

Anan Sorsutham, its conceptor, attaches great importance to the quality of products used in the kitchen as for his clothes. The nature and the "home-made" are watchwords, silks, cottons for its clothes, fresh herbs or "medicinal s" gluten-free food for its traditional Thai dishes.

This House is unique in its kind, is a magical and exotic stage in the medina of Fez, another spiritual stage: good taste and flavors.



Anan Sorsutham first visited Fez in 2013, as one of the designers taking part in Fez Fashion Day. When he returned the following year, “I made dinner for a group of friends, and they said to me, ‘why don’t you open a restaurant’? So I thought, ‘why not?’

My two passions are fashion designing and cooking.”

The designer found a small house off the Ta’laa K’bira, and set to work. “It took about a year and a half to renovate it,” he says.

On the ground floor is an up-market boutique, where Anan’s original designs are on display – beautiful Thai silks and other luxurious fabrics that have been crafted into exquisitely tailored garments.

The main eating area is on the two floors above: there is an elegant dining room, two intimate rooms for up to six guests, and a large terrace, with a collection of exotic plants, which is a wonderful place to eat on warm evenings. The interior is entirely painted in neutral grey; a colour that is easy on the eye and provides a stylish backdrop to the experience.

“I don’t cook as if I am in a restaurant,” he says. “My idea is that I open my house to guests."


Created in Bangkok in 2010, then in Fez (Morocco) in 2014, 

Maison Moi Anan is a house for fashion and Thai food.


Moi Anan is a full concept of living. Between fashion, decoration and cuisine, its creators have given birth to a real “mood of living”. Anan Sorsutham, designer and chef, originally from Thailand now based in Fez, mixes both his Thai native and his adoptive Moroccan cultures.

Moi Anan fashion brand, embraces the elegance of Thai tradition and of formal occidental fashion. Anan mixes references and gets inspiration from Thai local dresses, both royal costumes and working clothes. 

Since its extention to Morocco, Moi Anan also gets influence from Moroccan cultures. Using traditional Thai fabrics as well as Moroccan leather, the style of the collections offers a sophisticated universe where traditional fabrics are processed in an entirely new and unusual way. 






Maison Moi Anan Team



Anan grew up in Thailand’s north-east, in Korat Province, where his family are rice farmers – a photograph of their farm adorns the main dining room. “My parents were often working, and so my sister and I had to learn to cook for ourselves when we were young. We had a big choice of vegetables and herbs available in the garden, so we picked what we loved to eat.

“In Thailand the food is very fresh and the flavours are very versatile. There is an amazing variety because the climate is tropical. Thai people really care about cooking healthy food, and all the ingredients have some kind of benefit. You have to eat food immediately after it is cooked, when the perfume of the herbs is still in the dish.”

Anan imports several key ingredients, such as galanga and dried mushrooms from Thailand, and grows herbs such as Thai basil on a farm outside Fez, which become the basis of his taste sensations. “Every family grows their own herbs, and the way the subtle way they blend the flavours is their signature.”